The warm weather, characteristic of the spring season can bring a lot of projects to the fore, especially with regards to home maintenance and York deck cleaning. With the passing of the long and cold winter months, one of the most valuable tools to have in the home for preparing for the spring is the pressure washer.

The pressure washer is a fantastic tool that can come in handy, especially in effectively and efficiently cleaning areas of the home such as the decks, pavements and more.

When planning on cleaning the home for the spring season, it is recommended that you make use of cold water as this helps you cut down on your overall cost. Using cold water in replacement for steam ensures that you enjoy lower energy consumption while also getting the job done excellently.

Cleaning Windows

In cleaning the windows which may have gathered dust, debris and other materials over the summer months, it is recommended that you avoid the use of the pressure washer. Using the pressure washer for cleaning the windows can compromise its quality, causing it to crack, damage, or causing breakage. Additionally, when cleaning the windows, it is recommended that you use mild cleaning chemicals which have been tested and recommended. Use of concentrated chemicals on the window glass can compromise both its quality and appearance. Also, ensure that environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals are used as the cleaning water may end up in the lawn, grass or surrounding flora and fauna.

Exterior Washing

As part of the spring cleaning task, it is recommended that property owners conduct thorough examination of their properties to better identify areas that have been most impacted by the weather.  Areas where cars are parked or driveways are expected to be significantly dirtier as they are bound to contain accumulated dust, dirt, and debris. For cleaning this area, ensure that the power washing machine is used. However, for larger areas, you should get a cleaning tool known as the surface cleaner which is capable of covering a wider area of land in a shorter time frame.

In addition, the home’s exterior may have played host and formed a culture to algae-like materials, mildew, moss, or fungus. All these growths can significantly affect the appearance and appeal of the home and as such, it is recommended that you take proper steps to ensure that all affected areas are adequately pressure cleaned to taste.

For original decks, snow, sleet and ice that has thawed out may be significantly dangerous, especially to the lifespan of the outdoor installation and as such, proper care should be taken to ensure that the deck is properly cleaned by power washing. Proper cleaning of the decks can also prepare it ahead of the summer activities.

Another important area of the home that must not be overlooked is the garage. Paying attention to the garage can prevent damage to the flooring as auto fluids and oils have been known to over time cause cracking to the floor. For improved appearance and longevity, the garage floor should also be power washed effectively to clean out stains.

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