Gloeocapsa magma is an alga responsible for the black marks and stains on the roof of your house. Apart from negatively affecting the appearance of your roof, Gloeocapsa magma can cause damage beyond repair. Gloeocapsa feeds on the limestone fillers within your asphalt shingles. Gloeocapsa magma allows other detrimental fungi, like lichens and moss to grow. These algae can survive in extreme climate conditions. because of this, it is quickly spreading across our country. If you are looking for York deck cleaning services or roof cleaning services to fight the growth of Gloeocapsa magma, York Pros Powerwashing has got you covered. Please continue reading for further information on how to get rid of this silent roof killer.

Where did Gloecapsa originate from?

Gloeocapsa originated in Florida, its ability to adapt to different temperatures and weather conditions has allowed it to spread throughout the United States and Canada. Once Gloeocapsa magma becomes airborne, it can quickly spread from roof to roof. If you have noticed that your neighbor’s roof is contaminated with these algae, it will only be a short time before your roof is filled with these black streaks as well. Please keep in mind that Gloeocapsa magma will normally begin forming in areas that receive little to no sunlight at all.

We recommend that you schedule a visit to get your roof cleaned as soon as you start to notice black streaks have begun to form. Gloeocapsa feeds on the limestone fillers and can quickly spread if not treated on time. Gloeocapsa is green, however, in order to survive, they form a black shield that protects them from the sun’s UV radiation. The black streaks are made up of millions of these organisms and can quickly spread from roof to roof.   

The harmful effects of Gloeocapsa on your roof

The asphalt shingles are filled with limestone making it a perfect source of food for this algae. As Gloeocapsa feeds on the limestone, the structure of your roof will weaken over time and if left untreated the complete structure may require a complete replacement. As Gloeocapsa spreads, more and more water is trapped, creating a perfect environment for other fungi to thrive in. Other fungi like moss can begin to grow and will not allow your roof from drying properly as their roots absorb water and debris. Not only will any type of algae compromise the structure of your roof but can also cause serious problems to your health. Your heating and cooling services will also be affected due to unstable temperatures within your house. 

The Solution

York Pros Powerwashing offers the best solution to your Gloeocapsa infestation. We recommend you schedule a roof treatment as soon as you notice black streaks have begun forming on your roof. With more than 25 years of experience, York Pros Powerwashing uses high-quality cleansers to ensure all contaminants are removed. Roof treatment is a delicate process and should only be handled by experts. To obtain a free quote and learn more about our cleaning processes and services visit us at

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