The Best

Powerwashing In York, PA.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver lasting results that protect hard surfaces and increase the durability and longevity of your home oroffice.


The Best

Powerwashing In York, PA.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver lasting results that protect hard surfaces and increase the durability and longevity of your home or office.


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Call Us At (717) 714-3329

York County Pressure Washing Services


Concrete is an extremely durable and hard material but this doesn’t mean that it is not vulnerable to some damages like freezing water, salts, erosion and oils.


Is your deck dirty, dusty or is it attacked by molds? Can you remember the last time your house deck looked all sparingly clean and new?


It is everyone’s joy to have a spotlessly clean house and compounds with no green algae on rooftops and in driveways


Power washing machines need one to be careful and keen to use. Our cleaning professionals are trained and experienced to be able to follow all the safety precautions. One can follow the user manual to be able to operate the machines but can injure themselves or destroy property while at it.

We are licensed and insured to operate our power washing York PA Company. Machines can fail and accidents do occur, but one should keep in mind that their safety and that of their property is looked into.

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Surface Protection

There are machine specifications to be used on different surfaces. A concrete surface cannot be cleaned as a vinyl surface. Our cleaning professionals have experience in cleaning surfaces and your surface will not be damaged.

Whether one wants to clean their home to sell or rent it out, the surfaces will be protected from paint stripping and there will be no spillage on plants and paths. Our staffs do their work professionally by setting the machines right and directing water streams as recommended.


Accurate Solution

One is not a power washing York pa professional unless he/she is trained to do so. We are professionals who know the right solutions to clean specific surfaces. There are new cleaning products coming up every day and it’s only a professional who will understand the right solution.

We have had cases of clients following the right procedures but end up with barely clean or faded surfaces. We advise clients to and homeowners to always use a professional cleaner as the cost of redoing the work or replacing a surface cannot be compared to having the job done right first.

Conservation of Resources

Simple bills like water and power bills can make a big difference in one’s monthly bills. A professional cleaner will conserve water and power as they are trained to be efficient. It is also a wise thing to save on detergents and one will not have issues with a professional cleaner.

We have done our research and come to the conclusion that money spent on extra cleaning bills is enough to pay a professional cleaner. Spending on a cleaning company is cheap in the long run.

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York Powerwashing Pros is located on 32180 S Queen St #23 in York. From York Fairground Take N Highland Ave to PA-462 E/W Market St in West York. Turn left onto N Highland Ave. Turn left onto PA-462 E/W Market St after. 0.5 mi Turn right onto S Richland Ave after 1.1 mi. Turn left onto Country Club Rd after 1.0 mi. Turn right onto S George St after 0.1 mi. At the interchange Interstate 83, keep right and follow signs for Harrisburg Baltimore for 1.9 mi. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-83 N/Harrisburg and merge onto I-83 N after 1.3 mi. Take exit 16A to merge onto PA-74 S/S Queen St The destination will be on the right. We are open Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, closed Saturday and Sunday. For additional questions you can call us at (717) 714-3329